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We offer a personalized service adapting to the requirements of the client. The logistics system we use for reception, product handling, billing and dispatching is our competitive advantage, since we are the only company in the sector to charge a fee for space not by weight, which avoids the work of weighing reception and dispatch, Thus achieving a greater optimization of time and agility when receiving, dispatching and invoicing.



Our objective is to facilitate frozen food storage services, guaranteeing the maintenance and safety of the product in optimum conditions, with advanced technology of refrigeration to ensure an efficient and effective management of the whole cold chain of these products.


  • Download and Loading of Goods.

  • Insurance of Goods. Movements.

  • Constant cold warranty 24 hours a day.

  • Packing of pallets in plastic film, to keep your boxes in good condition.

  • Flexible schedule to receive goods according to your needs.


We currently have 6 cold rooms divided into 3 storage with a capacity of approx. Of 630 positions / pallet, 1,000 Mt2 (8,640 Mt3) for a total area of ​​3,150 positions (144 containers of 40 feet under normal conditions and in extreme conditions 180 containers of 40 feet).


The pre-chamber area is 203 Mt2 (1,115 Mt3) with 6 discharge springs. And the administrative and executive office areas of 160 Mt2.

Our refrigeration chambers are made of blocks and reinforced concrete covered by 10 cm refrigerated panels in walls and ceilings, with 10 units of 50 Tons. For a total of 500 tons installed in Cold-Pak System of last generation to freon gas 404-A, totally automated and, evaporators of 3 fans turbo elise. In the pre-chamber we have a compressor of 15 tons with 4 evaporators.

Our parking has a capacity of 30 containers of 40 feet.


Soon we will be expanding our storage capacity to diversify our temperature range and meet the requirements of our customers.


phoca_thumb_l_Muelle de carga

phoca_thumb_l_Muelle de carga

phoca_thumb_l_Equipos de carga

phoca_thumb_l_Equipos de carga

phoca_thumb_l_Palets almacenados

phoca_thumb_l_Palets almacenados







Congelasa was born as a new cold storage option in 2008, starting operations in January 2009. We are now part of the AGEPORT Business Group, with modern facilities and a service committed to quality and continuous improvement.


Be a World Class Refrigerated Storage Company.


Provide frozen food storage services, governed by high quality standards, guaranteeing the preservation of the product in optimum conditions.



AGEPORT was founded in 1987 as a response to the need of the market to offer efficient services, efficient costs and personalized service as agent of ships and stevedores in all the ports of the Dominican Republic.

It owns and operates a silo project of 4,500 metric tons of storage capacity inside the Port of Rio Haina, specially designed with a pneumatic system to handle grains.

The best alternative storage of cargo and merchandise, with the highest standards of Quality and Safety in service for the National and International trade.



Tel: 1809-534-1000
 Whatsapp 1809-284-6600
Fax: 1809-531-3843
Aut. 30 de Mayo, km. 12.5 carretera Sánchez, Santo Domingo Oeste, Rep. Dom.
Our offices are open from
L-V 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Our Warehouse Hours are L-V 8:00 am 12:00 pm y 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Saturdays 8:00 am - 12:00 pm


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